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OKPIK : Cold-Weather Camping
OKPIK : Cold-Weather Camping
OKPIK : Cold-Weather Camping
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Product Description
By Boy Scouts of America

Cold-weather camping is any camping that takes place when the high temperature of the day is 50F (10C) or below. Conditions can include cold, wet, and windy weather. Hypothermia and dehydration can be serious problems. Other potential problems included frostnip or frostbite, immersion foot, and snow blindness. OKPIK: Cold-Weather Camping can serve as the basis for a state of- the-art training course designed to give the leader confidence in taking a small group into a cold environment, and support a yearround camping program. Cold-weather camping is appropriate only for those leaders and campers who already have basic Scouting skills and mild-weather camping experience. The National Cold-Weather Camping Development Center of the Boy Scouts of America is located at the Northern Tier Base at Ely, Minnesota. This center provides materials and specializes in problems associated with cold-weather camping. The center shares this information with councils and other organizations through a variety of methods.

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