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OA Wilderness Voyage
OA Wilderness Voyage
OA Wilderness Voyage
Item#: 2542

Product Description
Northern Tier is a perfect place to find the elements the OA needs. The OA Wilderness Voyage and OA Canadian Odyssey is a wonderful example of its purpose in action. The OA Wilderness Voyage was begun in 1999 and the OA Canadian Odyssey program in 2009, these programs offer arrowmen an opportunity to join in cheerful service and in the formation of lasting brotherhood. The program is a fourteen-day experience. The first week focuses on portage trail construction and maintenance under the guidance of the OA Wilderness Voyage/Canadian Odyssey foremen. The second week is a voyage into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area or the Quetico Provincial Park in Canada that is designed by the crew. The Wilderness Voyage is ultimately a journey that challenges scouts mentally, physically and spiritually.

Size: 3" x 4"