Custom Crew & Pre-Orders
New Arrivals
Summer Base Shirts
New Arrivals

Columbia Bora Bora Hat
Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Mid Boots - Wide
Northern Tier Long Sleeve T-Shirt
#1 - Crossed Snowshoes/Crossed Paddles Flannel
#1 SELLER - Okpik Performance Long Sleeve T-Shirt
100 Miler Award
12" Moose
12" Black Bear
125 Miler Award
150 Miler Award
175 Miler Award
200 Miler Award
2018 NT Patch--Limited Quantities!
3 Base Back Patch
3 Base Neckerchief Slide
3 Base Sticker
3 Base Sticker - 10"
4 Season Back Patch
4" Static 3 Base Logo
50 Miler Award
50 Miler Shield
5x7 OKPIK Logo Snowshoes Photo Frame
5x7 Paddle/ Canoe Northern Tier Logo Photo Frame
6" Owl Patch
6" Loon Patch
75 Miler Award
75-175 Mile Voyageur Plaques
8x10 OKPIK Logo Snowshoes Photo Frame
8x10 Paddle/Canoe Logo Photo Frame
All Weather Pen
All Weather Wallet
Arborwear Original Tree Climbers' Pants
Artery Lake 52M/6
Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park overview
Atikokan 52B/13
Atikokan and North Crownlands, Ontario
Atikokan Back Patch
Atikokan Bolo Tie
Atikokan Coin
Atikokan Float Plane
Atikokan Hat Pin
Atikokan Map Series
Atikokan Mug
Atikokan Neckerchief Slide
Atikokan Shield
Atikokan Triple Crown
Auto Accessories
Back Patches
Bald Eagle
BB Special Bent Shaft Wood Canoe Paddle
Beanies - iMush / iSki / ISnowshoe
Beanies - iMush, iSki, iSnowshoe
Beanies - iMush/iSki
Bear Bottle Opener/Keychain
Bear Coaster Holder
Bear in Tree
Bear Photo Frame
Beavertail Traditional Wood Canoe Paddle
Belt-Buckle-Loon Logo
Belts & Belt Buckles
Bending Branches Viper Double Bend Wood Canoe Paddle
Bent Shaft Paddles
Best Seller! Okpik Owl Long Sleeve Thermal T-Shirt
Bissett Back Patch
Bissett Bolo Tie
Bissett Coin
Bissett Float Plane
Bissett Hat Pin
Bissett Map Series
Bissett Neckerchief Slide
Bissett Shield
Bissett Sticker
Bissett Triple Crown
Blue Okpik Dress Shirt
Bob Cary
Born to Pull
Boundary Waters ABC
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Staff Shield
Braided Nylon Chord- White/50 ft.
Brain Breezer Bandana
Brandable Camp Mugs
BSA High Adventure Hat Pin
BSA High Adventure Patch
BSA High Adventure Shield
Bungee Dealie Bob
Camo Canoe Bandana
Camp Sights
Camp Towel
Camp Towel Deluxe
Camping Accessories
Camping and Canoeing
Canada Flag Patch
Canoe Coaster Holder
Canoe Cribbage Board
Canoe Dominoes
Canoe Flowers
Canoe Mist
Canoe Northern Lights
Canoe Northern Tier Oil Skin
Canoe Paddle Bottle Opener/Keychain
Canoe Stack
Canoe Sticker
Cards & Journals
Cascadian Mug
Chaos Bomber
Charles L Sommers Mug
Charles L Sommers Sticker
Charles L. Sommers Back Patch
Charles L. Sommers Bolo Tie
Charles L. Sommers Neckerchief Slide
Charles L. Sommers Quetico/BWCAW Map
Charles L. Sommers Round Logo
Charles L. Sommers Triple Crown
Classic Paddle Design
Coffee & Mug Gift set
Cold Weather
Cold Weather Leader Training Hat
Cold Weather Leader Training Long Sleeve
Columbia Bugaboo Fleece Hat
Columbia EvaPOURation™ Rain Jacket
Columbia EvaPOURation™ Rain Jacket
Columbia Hideaway Slouchy Beanie
Columbia Inferno Range Gloves
Columbia Inferno Range Mittens
Columbia Insect Blocker
Columbia PFG Tamiami II Short Sleeve Shirt
Columbia PFG Tamiami II Short Sleeve Shirt
Columbia Steens Mountain Fleece Jacket
Columbia Tamiami II LS Shirt
Columbia Winter Blur Beanie
Common Loon - Audubon Stuffed Animal
Compression, Dry and Stuff Sacks
Crazy Portagers Green
Cream of Wild Rice Soup Mix
Cross Paddle Beanie
Crossed Paddles Northern Tier Hat Red
Crossed Snowshoes
Crossed Snowshoes Mug
Culture & History
Custom Crew & Pre-Orders
Custom Northern Tier SNOW Card!
Custom Paddles
Custom Souvenir Paddle-ORDER NOW!
Customized!!!! 75-175 Mile Voyageur Plaques
Destination Adventure
Destination CLS Sticker
Destination Northern Tier
Destination Okpik
Distant Fires
Dogskin 52M/11
Don Rogert Atikokan Sticker
Dorothy Molter Book - The Root Beer Lady
Double wall stainless steel mug
Dry Sack
Duct Tape
Duofold Long Underwear Crew Top Shirt
Duofold Long Underwear Pants
Duofold Long Underwear Zip Top Shirt
Duty to God Award
E15 - Overview Map of BWCA & Quetico Provencial Park
Eat, Sleep, Canoe Sticker Northern Tier
Ely Echoes
Ely to Atikokan
Eyeglass Retainer - Chums
F1 - West Lake Vermilion, Vermilion Trout & Lost Lakes
F10 - Basswood, Fall, Moose Lakes
F11 - Snowbank, Knife, Kekekabic
F12 - Little Saganaga, Tuscoarora, Temperance Lakes
F13 - Gunflint, Bearskin Lakes
F14 - Clearwater, Greenwood, Fowl Lakes
F15 - Crane, Echo, Loon Lakes
F16 - Loon, Lac La Croix, Nina, Moose Lakes
F17 - Crooked, Darky, Sarah Lakes
F18 - Kahshahpiwi, Agnes, This/That Man Lakes
F19 - Saganaga, Seagull Lakes
F2 - Bear Head Park, Eagle's Nest & East Vermilion Lakes
F20 - Northern Light, Canthook, Icarus Lakes
F21 - Arrowhead, Sandstone, West Lakes
F22 - Sandpoint, Namakan Lakes
F23 - Lac La Croix North
F24 - Sturgeon, Poobah Lakes, Maligne River
F25 - Kawnipi Lake, Russell Lake
F26 - McKenzie Lake, Powell Lake
F27 - Plummes, Titmarsh Lakes
F28 - Beaverhouse, Cirrus, Quetico Lakes
F29 - Jean, Batchewaung, West Pickerel Lake
F3 - Birch, White Iron, Gabbro Lakes
F30 - East Pickerel, French Lake, Cache Lake
F31 - Ely Area Entry Points
F32 - Special Seagull Area
F4 - 1,2,3,4, Bald Eagle, Insula Lakes
F5 - Parent, Kawishiwi, Sawbill Lakes
F6 - Smoke, Flame, Brule Lakes
F7 - South Gunflint Trail, Two Island Lake, Devil Track Lake
F8 - Lake Vermilion, Trout Lake, Vermilion River, Bootleg Lake
F9 - Cummings, Big Moose, Fourtown Lakes
Fillet Knife with Sheath
Firefly II - Screwlock
Fish Patches
Food & Coffee
Fox River CoolMax® Liner
Fox River Double Ragg Mittens
Fox River Heavy Weight Wool
Fox River Mid-Weight Ragg Gloves
Fox River Military Performance Maximum
Fox River Outdoor Performance Hiking
Fox River Stay-Dry Liner
Fox River Wick Dry Therm-o-Liner Gloves
Frames & Plaques
Friendship Fires
Games & Toys
Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffees 12oz Bags
Geo Cacher Award
Glomitt Gloves
Gloves & Mittens
Go Paddle sticker
Grand Portage Award
Granite Gear Dry Sack
Granite Gear Dry Sack 2 pack
Granite Gear Event Sil
Granite Gear Round Rock Solid
Granite Gear ZipDitty
Green Loon Logo Neckerchief
Gulliver Lake 52G/3
Hat Cross Paddle
Hat Pins
Hat-Loon Logo
Heartbreak Portage Award
Heartbreak T-Shirt
Heartbreak T-Shirt
Helios HMS
Home Decor
How's My Portaging
Howling Wolf Bottle Opener/Keychain
Hows My Trekking?
Hudson Bay Bread
Huskey with harness
I Canoed NT! - Performance Wear
I Love Northern Tier Sticker
iPaddle - iPortage - iCamp Stickers
iSki - iOkpik - iSnowshoe Stickers
Jewelry & Watches
Knives and Multitools
Kondos Air Cooler
Lake Monitoring Award
Lake with Fall trees
Lava Infinity Wiregate Carabiner Green
Lava Infinity Wiregate Carabiner Volcano
Leather Chopper
Leave Only Ripples
Listening Point
Lob Trees in the Wilderness
Long Sleeve Shirts
Long Underwear
Long Underwear Crew Woman
Long Underwear Pant Womans
Loon Hat Pin
Magnesium Fire Starter
Magnet-Loon Logo
Map Accessories
Map Bandana
Maps & Navigation
Maps & Posters
Men's Shorts and Pants
Merrell Moab 2 Ventilator Mid Boots - Regular-Summer Canoe Trekking Boot
Moose Bottle Opener/Keychain
Mug-Loon Logo
N. Tier Leather Belt
N. Tier Skier
N. Tier Web Belt
Nalgene 16 oz Tritan - OKPIK
NAYLE Belt Buckle
Neckerchief Slides
Neckslide - Embroidered Cross Paddles
New Arrivals
NEW Era Hat! NorthernTier est 1923 hat
NEW! Northern Tier Sweatpants
NEW! Northern Tier 16oz Glass
NEW! Okpik Northern Lights - Youth
NEW! Two-toned Rectangular Belt Buckle
New! US/CND Staff Shield
NO. 115 - Grand Portage, Pigeon River
Non-Restricted Patches
North Eagle 52M/5
Northern Tier Dog Tag
Northern Tier Black Hoodie
Northern Tier Bumper Sticker
Northern Tier Classic
Northern Tier Csatari Poster
Northern Tier Cstari Back Patch
Northern Tier Cstari Patch
Northern Tier Float Plane
Northern Tier Float Plane Hat
Northern Tier Loon Design - "Corn Mug"
Northern Tier Minnesota - Canada Youth T-Shirt
Northern Tier Moose Head
Northern Tier US/Canadian sticker
Northern Tier US/CND Hooded Sweatshirt
Northern Tier Youth T-Shirt
NT Sunglasses
NT Waterproof playing cards
OA 16 oz Mug
OA Wilderness Voyage
OA Wilderness Voyage
Okpik - Cold Weather Camper
OKPIK Adventure
OKPIK Back Patch
OKPIK Bistro
OKPIK Dog Trek
OKPIK Duty To God Award
OKPIK Fleece with Crossed Snowshoes
OKPIK Green Bandana
OKPIK Instructor
Okpik Musher
Okpik Neck Gaiter with Crossed Snowshoes
OKPIK Neckerchief Slide
Okpik Northern Lights
Okpik Patch!!!
Okpik Postcard
Okpik Rectangle Belt Buckle!!
OKPIK Shield
OKPIK Snowshoe Trek
OKPIK Sticker
OKPIK Trail System
OKPIK Winter Trek
OKPIK Zero Hero
Okpik Zipper Pull
Okpik-2 Night Bishiw
Okpik-Coldweather Camper
Okpik-Kapvik Fleece Beanie
Okpik-Kapvik Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Okpik/Winter Shirts
Order of the Arrow Staff Shield
Outdoor Kid T-Shirt
Owls of the North
PackTowl Original
Paddle Design - Canoe Northern Tier
Paddle Guys Red
Paddling Gloves
Patch-Loon Logo
Pekagoning Lake 52F/1
Pelican 1010 Case
Pelican 1030
Pelican 1050
Pelican 1060
Pictographs - Cream
Pirate Moose Flag
Pirate Moose Patch
Pirate Moose Pendant
Pirate Moose Sticker
Plastic Signal Whistle
Portage Lies
Portage Packs
Portage X-ing Sticker
Pottery Mugs, Made in Ely, MN
Powered By Paddle
Pre-Order Custom Crew T-shirts
Princeton Tec - AMP 1L
Princeton Tec - Apex Headlamp
Princeton Tec - Byte Headlamp
Princeton Tec - Fuel Headlamp
Princeton Tec - Remix Headlamp
Program Patches
Quarter-Zip Performance Fleece
Quetico - Granite Gear
Quetico Canada Staff Shield
Quiet Magic
RidgeRest Classic Closed-Cell Mattress
RidgeRest Original Z Lite Closed-Cell Mattress
RidgeRest SOLite Closed-Cell Mattress
RidgeRest Trail Lite Self-Inflating Mattress
Rite in the Rain
Rite in the Rain Birder's Journal
River Aerial
Root Beer Lady
Runes of the North
Sam Cook
Sasaginnigak Lake 52M/12
Saving Quetico-Superior
Scouts Canada Stickers
Scouts of the Fur Brigade Poster
Seal Line - Clear Vinyl See Bag
Seal Line Blocker Dry Sack
Seal Line Cirrus Dry Sack
SealLine Baja Dry Bag
SealLine Map Case
Sewing Kit
Short Sleeve Shirts
Shorts & Pants
Sigurd Olson
Silva Starter Compass
Slate Ornaments
Sleeping Bags & Pads
Slides, Bolos & Neckerchiefs
Slumberjack -20 Boundary Sleeping Bag
Slumberjack 0* Boundary Sleeping Bag
Small Loon
Snow to Go
Snowshoe Country
Snowshoe Cribbage Board
Snowshow Bottle Opener/Keychain
Soft Shell - Camoflage
Souvenir Coins
Souvenir Paddle
Souvenir Paddles
Splashguard - Original
Splashguard - Universal
Square N-Tier Belt Buckle
Square Toothpick Holder
Squishy Bowl and Cup Set
Staff Shields
Staff Shields & Coins
Sticker-Loon Logo
Stuffed Animals
Summer Base Shirts
Summer Wilderness Grace Plaque
Sun with Snow
Sweatshirt Special!
Tactical Shemagh
Talking Rocks
Tan Full Brim Hat
Terramar Long Underwear Crew
Terramar Long Underwear Pant
The Lonely Land
The Singing Wilderness
Therm-a-Rest BaseCamp Self-Inflating Mattress
Therm-a-Rest Trail Scout Self-Inflating Mattress
They're Back!! Trucker Hat
Tooth Brush Holder
Toothpick Holders
Trail Seat
Tritan Nalgene Loon
Tritan Nalgene OKPIK
Tritan Nalgene Pirate
Up North
Up North N. Tier
Up North Sticker
Used Gear
Voyageur Sash
Voyageurs Area Council
Voyaguer Area Council Patch
W.A. Fisher Boundary Waters and Quetico Maps
Water Bottles
Waterproof Boxes
Web Nalgene Water Bottle Holder
Welcome/Go Away Bear
Welcome/Go Away Moose
White Otter 52G/4
Wild Rice Pilaf - Cranberry Almond
Will Portage for Fun
Women's Shorts and Pants
Woodbadge Staff Shield
XY Original - Handcrafted
XY Meaney Charlotte