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Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffees 12oz Bags
Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffees 12oz Bags
Gene Hicks Gourmet Coffees 12oz Bags
Item#: gene-hicks-gourmet-coffees

Product Description
  • Canoe Blend is a light bodied, full aroma with a rounded flavor. Very low in acidity.
  • Campfire Blend is a medium bodied, sharp, full flavor. Very low in acidity.
  • Fishing Blend is a full bodied deep, rich flavor. Very low in acidity.
  • Good Morning Blend is a deep, rich, earthly, full bodied, full aroma with long lasting flavor. Very low acidity.
  • Signature Blend is a very unique blend of Arabica beans from four continents, roasted to four different degrees, resulting in an ultra smooth, full bodied aromatic stomach friendly coffee. Very low acidity.
  • Big Fat Espresso A well-balanced dark roasted blend of Indonesian and Central American coffees roasted to a dark Italian roast. Heavy body with an intense, syrupy smokey flavor and light acidity. Excellent for brewing and making espresso!
  • Green Horizons Blend is a Fair Trade Organic Certified 100% Arabica three bean blend. It carries a dark roasted, heavy, sharp, rich body with a hint of a creamy, winey, smooth taste. It has a deep aroma and is very low in acidity!
  • Northern Lite is a superior Half Caf Blend of 100% Arabica Beans from three Countries uniquely roasted resulting to a full rich earthy, fruity, syrupy taste with full aromatic sweetness.
  • Sunset is a mild, full flavor blend, 97% Caffeine Free. Very low acidity.

All of the coffees are 100% Arabica coffee.

12oz Ground Bags (Yields 90-100 cups)

All of our blends are gluten free and very stomach friendly.

As a fishing guide in Northern Minnesota, I know how important a good cup of coffee is in the morning and after a day on the water. As every coffee drinker knows, getting a good rich, full bodied coffee that is low in acidity is very hard to find. After several years of experimenting with different roasts, I am confident I have found the perfect combination. Experiment to your personal taste, as I am sure you will find a great tasting coffee while using less coffee per cup brewed. --Gene Hicks