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XY Original - Handcrafted
XY  Original - HandcraftedXY  Original - Handcrafted
XY Original - Handcrafted
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These wooden paddles are handmade in Atikokan, Ontario by the skilled craftsmen at XY Paddle Company. Their bent-shaft design makes paddling through the lakes of the Northwoods effortless and comfortable. For this reason, the Meany XY paddle is a widely-used favorite of the Northern Tier Staff. The face of the paddle is engraved with either the Charles L. Sommers, Atikokan, Bissett, or Ely to Atikokan logo.

***Sizing a paddle is largely based on personal preference and the situation you are in. However, as a very general guide we offer these suggestions, knowing that it can easily differ by several inches. The current trend in bent shaft paddles is shorter versus longer.

- Measure your torso size by sitting up straight on a flat surface and measuring the distance from the surface between your legs to your nose.

Torso Length: 28" ---> Paddle Length: 50

Torso Length: 30" ---> Paddle Length: 52

Torso Length: 32" ---> Paddle Length: 54

Information to be engraved on the paddle:

Unit #
Council Name
Dates of Trip

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